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A totally wild bird that cannot be artificially reared due to its unique dependence on heather moorland. The shooting season commences on the "Glorious 12th" of August. As a rule only a very few estates shoot on the 12th & most start over the following week or so. Prices are always high during the first two or three days shooting but tend to settle down during the second week. Because grouse are a wild bird they are subject to considerable yearly fluctuations in the numbers available to shoot & so correspondingly prices can fluctuate year on year. Young birds are birds that have hatched that year. They are always very tender but do cost more than old grouse. Old grouse are those over a year old (ie breeding grouse). Generally they are tender but occasionally you may get a tough one so the recommendation is to casserole them.

Season :    August 12th - December 10th
·         Young, whole   280 - 400g
Cooking instructions : Pre heat oven 190°C/375°F Gas Mark 5 for 25–30 Minutes

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