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Purebred English Wagyu Beef

Our Wagyu beef comes from Earl Stonham Farm, England's only producer of purebred Wagyu.

The cattle selected to provide this remarkable beef spend most of their lives feeding on lush Suffolk pasture and locally grown maize.  This brings a flavour to the meat, similar to that of the Kobe beef of Japan.

Unlike Kobe, we do not feed our cows beer or massage them. Feeding beer helps to stimulate the cows’ appetite and causes them to gain more weight and marbling, but we question whether the alcohol in beer is an appropriate food for animals. Meanwhile, massaging prevents sores in cattle housed in tightly confined areas. Our cattle are never confined in this way, and we do not believe that massage by humans would have any beneficial effect for free range animals. We believe that kindly, but minimal, intervention in our animals’ lives is the best way to keep them contented, and contented cattle produce the best beef


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