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Honey Roast Ham (4kg)

Honey Roast Ham (4kg)

Product code: 008246

£96.00 per 4kg Joint

We cure and cook all of our hams from pork supplied by free-range and organic farmers. These hams come Honey Roasted in our own Glaze.

Available in:

Sliced 100g packs (Minimum pack weight 90g)

1 kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 3-4 people

2 kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 1.980kg) - 5-6 people

3 kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 2.980kg) - 7-8 people

4 kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 3.980g) - 14-16 peope

£24.00 per kg

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